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Goldenrod Finance Ltd provides advanced financial solutions for debt portfolio management to the business community in Israel. We recognize the immediate need of various companies in the Israeli market improving upon and streamlining operations making it easier to collect debt in the financial, banking, institutional, industrial and retail markets.

Companies suffer from lack of liquid capital due to the creation of a large debt portfolio. We offer immediate solutions!

  • Professional collection services at no cost to the customer.
  • Improving your cash flow immediately.
  • Removing the need for training personnel on how to collect your debt.
  • Removing the need to deal with collection agencies or deal with expensive legal proceedings.
  • Significant tax advantages and immediate recognition of the debt using the books as a loss.

The company converts the customer’s debt to working capital based on economic models generally accepted in the United States and Europe tailored to the business reality and the legal system in Israel. We possess financial instruments, accounting and legal services that allow us to tailor each firm’s management agreement and / or portfolio acquisition based on the needs of society, the nature of the case, the size and spread of your debt.

Goldenrod Finance works to create a culture of collection – Tailor made in full cooperation with each customer while maintaining transparency, reporting and reliable and professional service and with strict adherence to brand reputation and the reputation of our clients.

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